Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Moto Gari Limited ("MGL") respects the privacy of current, future and prospective personnel. It is committed to safeguarding their privacy and to acting responsibly and with integrity with regard to protecting their rights and freedoms.

 In registering as an Authorised User to use this Mobile App ("System") certain personal data relating to you is collected and stored in the database such as your name, location, job history and email address (“Your Personal Data”). The System indicates which personal data has to be provided by you in order for your application to be processed by MOTO GARI. If you do not provide this information we will not be able to consider your transport transfer. You also have the opportunity to upload any information that you consider relevant to your application (“Your Information”).

Should you choose to voluntarily provide sensitive personal data (i.e information relating to your race, ethnicity, health, religious beliefs, offences or alleged offences etc) as part of Your Information, MOTO GARI will process that data solely for the purposes set out in this notice. Similarly, should you choose to allow the System to populate certain data fields in your profile with personal data about you taken from a third party social networking service that you have specified, MOTO GARI will only process such personal data for the purposes set out in this notice.

MOTO GARI will collect, use and/or process Your Personal Data and Your Information in order to provide you with transport services.

In case you upload an emergency contact on your account, we will be storing such contact information to be used in case of emergency situations.

 MOTO GARI Services respects the privacy of every individual who visits its portal. Any information collected about you will be used to fulfill any service you might request, to inform you about new products and services and also to improve how we serve you. Your data will be treated in accordance with relevant local country legal provisions. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of MOTO GARI Services, its affiliated or associated companies, and its dealers.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe the types of information that we collect from you when you visit our mobile app and explain how we use this information.

MOTO GARI Services will not share or loan any identifiable information about you to any third party without your consent. We may share generalized information about site visitor patterns with partners or other parties in such a way that individual visitors can never be identified. It is possible to view our site without providing any personal details.

Moto Gari Drivers' app collects drivers’ precise or approximate location data, including to enable rides, to enable ride tracking and safety features, to prevent and detect fraud, and to satisfy legal requirements. Moto Gari collects this data when the Moto Gari Driver app is running in the foreground (app open and on-screen) or background (app open but not on-screen) of their mobile device.

MOTO GARI collect such data from users’ mobile devices if they enable us to do so. Moto Gari collects such data from the time a ride is requested until it is finished (and may indicate such collection via an icon or notification on your mobile device depending on your device’s operating system), and any time the app is running in the foreground (app open and on-screen) of their mobile device.

 By using our services, you confirm that:

  1. You agree to the processing and handling of Your Personal Data, Your Information and Your background location service in the manner described above and in the Conditions of Use; and
  2. You consent to Your Personal Data and Your Information being stored on the System for us to provide transport service using the System so that we can contact you if further suitable transfers arise.

 In the event that you are not the individual applying for this transfer (“Data Subject”) and are entering their data on their behalf, you confirm that you have the individual data subject’s consent to the processing as outline above. Where reference is made to Your Personal Data and Your Information data, this should be read as the Data Subject’s respective data and information

 a. I confirm that I have the consent of the Data Subject for his/her personal data and information to be processed in the manner described above and in the Conditions of Use;

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